About me


Hi there! I’m Michael, but I go by Ovyerus online. I’m a professional frontend web developer, but work on a load of open source stuff outside of work.

Most of my free time is spent programming, mostly on my various open source projects but also on some closed source projects of my own/for communities I’m a part of. Besides programming, I also enjoy video games of a wide variety, as well as dabble in music production and various other hobbies such as mechanical keyboards.

Important information from me will be signed with the following Minisign public key:


If you need to send encrypted files or information to me for one reason or another, I use age encryption, not GPG/PGP. Because my age keys are resident on my hardware security keys, you will need the age-plugin-yubikey extension in order to be able to encrypt a payload for me.

My age recipients are as follows:


This list is also available at /age.txt.

I can be easily reached at ovy@ovyerus.com, or on my Mastodon account.

You may not contact me about anything cryptocurrency/“Web3”/NFT related.

Here’s some interesting points about me: